Suzhou Pegasus Liangzi Film Co. Ltd was founded in 2008. In 2011it was awarded as the national animation business and it was also rated as a key cultural enterprise in Suzhou City in 2014. What’s more, in 2016, the first round of financing was obtained and the company mainly engaged in the pre-design and post-production of international high-quality video animation projects.

The company has successfully produced a total of six original cartoons , including " Eagles & Chicks ", "Eagles & Chicks the adventure in the world", "Eagles & Chicks the food city", "Eagles & Chicks the millionaire city", "Eagles & Chicks the City Security", and "Business holy Fan Li ". All of them broadcast on the CCTV children's channel. The company invited CCTV director Zhang Yuanpeng, who is the first rate director to adapt Jiangsu Province's first animation doll drama, based on" Eagles & Chicks "series. The doll drama is touring the country, and there are a total of more than 50 performances, which attracts audiences across the country.

"No Divorce", "Yuting" ,which are two Original live movie project of Liangzi Film , were filmed in 2014 and released in the China New Countryside Cinema, and were rated as Excellent Watching films, Outstanding Copyright Award and Outstanding Cultural Achievement Prize by the State Administration of Radio. They have been exhibited at Hong Kong International Film Festival, Beijing Youth Film Festival, Beijing International Film Festival, and Shanghai International Film Festival.

Liangzi film and the Central Propaganda Department jointly created "Xi Jinping in a military uniform", "Do it right away Mr Xi", and "I call Shengaizu, please @ me", and on the same day they are released, they obtained party building network, the People's Daily, Xinhua, Phoenix and many other domestic and foreign mainstream media reprint, the click-rate exceeded 200 million times and were awarded as 2016 outstanding creative communication works by the Central Network Information Office.

In addition to the original projects, Liangzi Film also cooperates with many first-rate animation companies both at home and abroad, and has produced and distributed a lot of Well-known animation projects at home and abroad, including "Haier Brother", "Battle Through the Heavens", "Full time mage", "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" , "Happy Superman", "Small carp adventures", "All New Jackie Chan Adventures", "King of dreams", "Where does Dad go", "God beast king kong", "Pandas and mole rats", "Warrior Kidz Promo " and so on.

Currently, our company is producing "Eagles & Chicks", which is a 3D animated film (94 minutes). We have invited designer Billy who has designed Iron Man, Spider-Man as my company's design director. What’s more, we also invited Robert N. Skir who is the screenwriter of Hollywood film X-Men, Wolverineto to be the screenwriter of the film,We invited Nigel W. Tierney, who is the technical director and director of the DreamWorks Pictures, as our film director. In addition, our company will also have more outstanding team to participate in the creation of this project, and we are bound to make it into an international high-quality animated film. The film was released in China on October 1, 2021. 

Enterprise key honor

National animation business

National Youth excellent recommended film

The first China Top Ten Cartoon Image Finalists Award

2016 outstanding creative communication works

China International Animation Festival "Monkey Award. China Series Film Awards" nomination

China original animation contest "Shin Kong Award" animation image finalists

China International Film & Television Copyright Protection and Trade Fair "Dynamic Golden Sheep" Cartoon Character Award

Jiangsu Science and Technology SMEs

Jiangsu Province TV Golden Phoenix Award

Jiangsu Province Outstanding Cultural Achievement Award

Jiangsu TV Arts Award

Suzhou key cultural enterprises

Suzhou City Copyright Demonstration Unit

Suzhou City Cultural Industry Key Project

Suzhou 51 Project Award

Suzhou Excellent Copyright Award



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